• Image of La Piscine 12" EP
  • Image of La Piscine 12" EP

An Invitation by Laetitia Sadier to Keep On Swimming. Wherein Laetitia asks friends Richard Swift (The Shins), Superbravo (Holden) & me to contribute a song to a limited edition EP. These are rare in the US and sold out in France. My track is a preview of the new album, the other tracks, pure magique.

Side One
1. Laetitia Sadier - The Opposite of Spectator
2. Richard Swift - MG 3333

Side Two
1. Laetitia Sadier & Richard Swift - Resistance dans l'ombre
2. Rebecca Gates - Claudine Lounges Chiklet Chic
3. Superbravo - A Space Without Corner